Teeth Whitening for Life!

At Advanced Dentistry of Fairfield County, we offer our patients a unique program called “Teeth Whitening for Life”. For a one-time initiation fee of $250, patients can have custom whitening trays made for their teeth and receive all the solution needed for their first whitening regimen. In addition to their first regimen, as long as you return every 6 months for regular cleaning, we will give you solution for future regimens as needed FOR FREE! That’s right, for a one-time payment of $250 you can have everything you need to keep your teeth white and bright for life!

Teeth Whitening Process

For patients who desire a whiter and brighter smile, teeth whitening can be an effective technique to reduce discoloration and stains. The term “teeth whitening” refers to various techniques used to achieve similar results. The technique we must often recommend to our patients is chemical whitening or “teeth bleaching”.

Teeth bleaching is a process used to whiten a patient’s teeth. This procedure can be done at home using the materials provided by your dentist for the best possible results. While some over the counter whitening kits you buy at a retail store might have a “one size fits all” tray, we custom make trays for your teeth to ensure proper application of whitening solution and to maximize results.

Depending on the severity of discoloration and your desired results, Dr. Rapp will work with you to create a customized plan for your teeth whitening regimen. At home regimens are typically done for 2-3 weeks and sometimes require a follow up appointment. Results may last up to one year or more but are not permanent and eventually the process will need to be repeated.